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Wealthy Houston Zip Codes.

Information from The List was obtained from Esri Updated Demographics for 2016. No single factor on The List is used to rank the 25 Wealthiest ZIP Codes. Esri uses a proprietary formula that accounts for a number of wealth indicators, some of which are presented on The List. Esri sources its data from a number of national government surveys including the U.S. Census, the American Community Survey and Surveys of Consumer Finance from the Federal Reserve. The following counties are included in the Houston area: Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, San Jacinto and Waller. ZIP codes with less than 100 households and populations less than 200 were excluded.

Houston's own West University (77005) topped the wealthiest Texas zip code list with an average household income of $240,151.

Three other Houston area zip codes were featured on the list including Bellaire(77401) at No. 6 with an average household income of $202,735, the Katyarea/Energy Corridor (77094) at No. 8 with an average household income of $199,805, and the Memorial area (77024) at No. 9 with an average household income of $197,090.

The Houston area's actual No. 1 wealthiest zip code is 77010 in downtown with an average income of $297,695, but the area was omitted from the list as it did not represent a residential area.

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