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Bridge Loans - A bridge loan is a short-term, first  or second mortgage loan ( Mezzanine ) on commercial property and residential rental properties.The term could be from 6 months to 3 years. The interest rate on bridge loans is typically much higher than on permanent loans which can be from 6% to 12% and in most cases closes in 7 to 21 days.





If you have a loan that has been declined by traditional bank, please try it with us. 


Loan size:           -   From $100,000  to 275,000,000 million.


Property types:   -  All types considered

Terms:              -  1 to 3 year loans with extension options.

Interest rates:    -  From 6.9% to 12%     

Up to                -  75% LTV

Fees:                -  2% and up.


Uses of Proceeds: Acquisition, restructuring, discounted payoffs, purchase of notes, improvements and development.

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