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Welcome to Texas's Biggest Home Buyers!                                         

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  • CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE AS IS. No repairs. No wasting time and money.

  • PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY. Your privacy and trust is our top priority.

  • FAST TITLE CLEARING & FAST CLOSING. Bypass obstacles for a speedy closing.

 Do you want to sell your home fast? Our 10,000 group of investors  buy houses for cash. We will buy your house in a week or less. 



For any reason; old home, Flooded, probate, moving, pre-foreclosure etc.

CALL NOW (832)607-1113

We Will Offer You on First Call !








At C.P.T, we believe in helping homeowners like you move on. We buy houses for cash from people that are looking to sell  their homes fast.  In any  situation, you will expect a fast closing, a hassle-free transaction, a reasonable cash offer and we will treat you with respect.  We buy houses in Houston  area,  Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth and San Antonio with over 10,000 investors buy your house for cash and sell your house quickly.  WE BUY HOUSE AS FOLLOWS : 

    -No Inspection required, as is.

   -No Survey required from you.

   -No Appraisal required from you. 

   -No Fees, no commission to Realtor.

   -No title insurance cost to you

   -No Cleaning Up from You.

   -We pay all closing costs. 



Recently Bought Old Properties :

We buy Old Houses
We buy old homes
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