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Packwell to build multimillion-dollar commercial facility in Houston TX.

Resin packaging company Packwell said it will build an export packaging facility in Texas in partnership with freight transportation company BNSF and industrial developer Hillwood. The plastics export hub will be located at the 18,000-acre mixed-use AllianceTexas development near Fort Worth, and will serve as part of the company’s new global supply chain route. Construction is due to begin this year and is expected to strengthen breakbulk and multimodal transport demand in the North Texas region. “The advantage of a facility at AllianceTexas is that it offers superior rail connectivity, access to the largest array of ocean steamship lines, and we can deliver the facility to Packwell in time to support the rapidly increasing demand,” said Hillwood president Mike Berry. The facility will ultimately form a key part of the Alliance Global Logistics Hub, which is expected to improve links to international markets for breakbulk providers as well as faster interchange to the east in Chicago, to the west via several West Coast sea ports or to the north into Canada. In total, 27 polyethylene expansions have been announced for North America, which are expected to add a net 34 billion pounds of capacity. This equates to a 75 percent increase over current capacity of roughly 45 billion pounds.

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