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Private Commercial Construction Loan.

As Direct Lenders, that do not, broker, or syndicate, we attempt to find primarily ground up commercial construction loans 4MM-15MM and some refinance 3MM -15MM

National direct

Asset Based Lender

Private Labeling



During the last few months, a list of projects funded subj to NDA agreements.

California a 7 MM refinance/ Rebranding

14MM Renovation/PIP extended stay NY

12MM Condo/Hotel Conversion NY

10MM Ground up Construction limited Service FL

9MM Ground up Construction Limited Service TX

National Par Private Family Asset Based Ground upConstruction and Refinance i.e.(Hospitality, Medical (Assisted Living, or Value Added/i.e., Office,Retail) Normally 5.85%-6.1%fixed 30/10 @ Par *(subject to charge); broker, referral agent only, (no principals) to $15MM Non Recourse, seeking Refis, 3 Million+ (NO land,Infrastructure, Multi-Unit/Apts, SFR/or SFR buildouts) Private Labeling/Table Funding, is offered where appropriate. Brokers/Referral sources are protected through Commission letter with borrower source, Payable COE (close of escrow.

" Niche Lender as Unique is now Routine"; limited 2nd TD/Mortgage program $1M Minimum

Always seeking,Office, Retail, , Mixed & Special & Shovel Ready Construction/RefinanceRefinance to 70% LTV andConstruction normally to 80% LTC

Special Use Loans: including Hospitality: (Hotel/Motel, Self Storage, Medical Office, Assisted living, Shovel Ready Commercial Construction, Mixed and some Special Use,. Property location and method of proposed repayment, determine level of interest and rate/term.No Apartments*, except for in a mixed development

Submission Format

As private lenders, we have a lot of inquiries, but we attempt to responsively answer questions/ and view Executive Summaries for consideration that fit our general criteria, through email, phone numbers are posted on the website, but normally we recieve a summary via email atlender@privatecommercial net, and the Managing Director, will make contact using a private number, assuming interest.

General format: (loan amount, pictures/or old appraisal, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, to include purpose of loan/payoff information/estimate of valuation with date/if applicable) To pursue a loan, we will require a commission agreement/between submitting source (broker/ referrral agent) and borrower, (for us to establish agency only.) before we can do more than preliminary underwriting or initiate a site visit. Construction loans will require a cost breakdown/proforma. Phone numbers are on the web site, but email, is the quickest and preferred method of communication. Managing Directors will call broker/referral source, upon receipt of summary/question.

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