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Home Buyers with credit history ( FICO Score ) problem and solution solution :

There are millions of home buyers who like to buy a home but their credit history or FICO score is stopping them. What is the solution ? Very simple. Fix the credit report. Most lenders require 620 and up to qualify one for mortgage. Fixing a credit report and raising the score is not that much difficult either. One trade line correction can raise 20-30 points to your FICO score. For example, you you have 560 credit score. And you have about 6 trade lines and 4 of them are delinquent and 2 are ok. If you fix or remove 2 of the bad trade lines, that means you have now 2 good ones and 2 bad ones. You credit score can go up to 600 to 620. Then, you add one or two new trade lines. That also means you will have 4 good ones and 2 bad ones. This can raise the score up by another 40 points ( estimated ). Suddenly you have 660 FICO score. Hope that helps.

Please call George Tesfa

832-607-1113 for help or email to to him at

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