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Medical Office Building Design Ideas for Better Patient Experiences

Going to the doctor can be an extremely stressful experience. Patients come into medical offices feeling sick or injured and are often nervous about their condition, the treatment they will receive, and the long-term consequences of their illness or injury. Innovative medical office building design ideas for better patient experiences will help to put patients at ease and may lead to faster healing.

Modern medical office furnishings and features can make a significant impact on the patient experience. Rundown furniture and outdated systems can increase patient anxiety, which can negatively impact the effectiveness of treatment and care. Clinical data has actually shown that the design of a medical office or facility can literally save lives, and drastically improve the patient experience and treatment outcomes.

Net Zero Building Construction

The goal of constructing a net zero building is to create a structure that uses only as much energy as the building can produce through renewable energy sources.

Insulated concrete form (ICF) construction is the method of creating a net zero building out of concrete blocks interlaced with high-performance thermal insulation that remains within the structure of the building to provide permanent protection from outside elements and allows total temperature and air quality control. The insulation properties of ICF construction are incredibly effective at reducing noise from outside that might affect a patient’s experience.

A medical office building utilizing net zero construction techniques and ICF construction can more easily provide patients a comfortable temperature and an environment free of outside noise. Buffering exterior noise provides a quiet that will create a calm environment offering greater privacy to improve the patient experience.

Upgrading the HVAC systems in medical office buildings not only saves on energy bills but allows for easier temperature control for the comfort of patients and visitors. Updating heavy duty commercial dampers and other heating and cooling system component improvements will provide the flexibility to change and direct airflow for maximum comfort.

Aesthetic Improvements

Medical offices and facilities looking to provide a comfortable and safe space for patients care and treatment can provide an overall better patient experience with some simple improvements to the look and style of the facility.

Creating a pleasant and welcoming environment for patients can be achieved by making a wide range of aesthetic changes and improvements. From putting up calming and inspiring posters and photos, to using warm materials and design forms such as faux wood beams, cosmetic upgrades can help to create spaces that are less intimidating and stressful for patients seeking medical care.

Let the Sun Shine In

Methods to make modern medical office buildings eco-friendly for financial and environmental reasons often have the effect of creating spaces that are brighter and more comforting for patients. Live plants will serve to make the office look better while circulating oxygen throughout the area.

There are also many different types of windows designed to maximize the natural sunlight throughout the day and take advantage of the views outside the offices that can have a calming effect on patients.

If your building lacks an abundance of natural light, consider swapping out old incandescent lights for the new LED replacements. In lieu of natural sunlight, LED lights provide a softer look and more options to create an ambient light that puts patients at ease, even if they don’t know why.

Construction designs for medical office buildings such as hospitals, clinics, and doctor offices of all kinds come with unique needs to the healthcare industry. When developing commercial real estate that will be used for a medical office building, considerations must be made for the comfort of the patients’ experiences when seeking medical care or treatment.

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Construction and Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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