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Top 10 best commercial construction companies in texas.

Here are ten notable commercial construction companies in Texas known for their size, reputation, and projects. Commercial Partners of texas does originate commercial construction loans. 

  1. Austin Commercial - Based in Dallas, known for extensive construction projects across Texas and beyond.

  2. McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. - With offices in Dallas and Houston, McCarthy is involved in various large-scale projects.

  3. DPR Construction - Known for its innovative approach and sustainability focus, with offices in Austin and Houston.

  4. Balfour Beatty US - Operates across Texas with a wide range of commercial construction services.

  5. Linbeck Group - Based in Houston, known for complex and high-profile projects in healthcare, education, and more.

  6. Manhattan Construction Group - Has a strong presence in Texas and is involved in major commercial and civic projects.

  7. The Beck Group - Headquartered in Dallas, known for integrated design and construction services across various sectors. 

  8. Rogers-O'Brien Construction - Based in Dallas and Austin, recognized for its commitment to quality and safety in construction.

  9. Sundt Construction - Operates in San Antonio and has been involved in significant commercial projects in Texas. :

  10. SpawGlass - Based in San Antonio, known for its expertise in commercial construction and sustainable building practices.

These companies are recognized for their expertise in delivering large-scale commercial projects across Texas, ranging from healthcare facilities and educational institutions to corporate offices and public infrastructure.


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